A Challenging time for TV Broadcasters – and for the UK!

Over the years the TV advertising market has often reflected the economic climate for the UK. Since the Brexit vote there are clear signs from this market that the UK economy is facing a challenging time. Prior to the Brexit vote in the first six months of 2016 we saw YoY increases in TV advertising… Read more »

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The gap between magazine print and mobile audiences is narrowing

The NRS Jan-Dec 2016 sample of 12 surveyed magazines are showing interesting results in readership across the different platforms of print/mobile/PC. While the majority of magazines are still enjoyed in their printed form, mobile continues to play a growing role in readership. 7 of the 12 surveyed magazine brands have a bigger print audience than… Read more »

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Programmatic media trading is much maligned – why do we persist? WHAT’S WRONG WITH PROGRAMMATIC TRADING? On 22nd Sep 1955 ITV was launched and Britain’s first TV commercial was broadcast at 8:12pm. Institutional sentiment was clear: advertisements on TV would never last. ITV and commercial television were doomed. Well, in 2017, the old adage remains… Read more »

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Beware the Ides of March! – what’s ahead in 2017?

As the great Bard famously scripted, “Beware the Ides of March”. For 2017, substitute ‘Ides’ with ‘triggering of Article 50’. It’s widely anticipated that the triggering will herald a new economic dip. Ad spend is sensitive to the economic cycle; ergo Ad spend is likely to suffer. In these conditions we envisage current shifts in… Read more »

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Christmas Day Programme Ratings drop to their lowest levels on record

Due to continued fragmentation in the TV market, marked by the growth of available TV stations and viewing platforms vying for our attention, it seems that the communal custom of sitting around the TV as a family on Christmas Day is dying out. Christmas Day 2016 recorded the lowest level of television ratings on record,… Read more »

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November ABCs: Another strong month for The Times

The Times is continuing its period of growth and is now the only title reporting both period and yearly circulation gains. Between October and November, the title was up 1.2% period on period and 8.6% year on year, with total sales closing in on 443,000. The Guardian – also in the quality market – was… Read more »

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Trinity confirms potential deal with Express Newspapers

Trinity Mirror has confirmed that it is back in talks with Express Newspapers about a possible merger. In a statement released on Tuesday, Trinity said it is at an “early stage of discussions towards taking a minority interest in a new company comprising certain of Northern & Shell’s assets,” but that “no offer has been… Read more »

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October National Press ABC Results – Metro leads the way

The latest ABC results show the entire daily newspaper market was up 0.7% in October – a performance managed solely because freebie Metro managed to boost its UK-wide circulation by an impressive 10.3%. The worst hit – after a healthy run since being acquired by Johnston Press – was the i, down almost 4%, dropping… Read more »

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Google and Thinkbox (commercial TV) together in perfect harmony!

Six top findings to help sustain their newly found, shared joys… After a series of well-documented disagreements, Thinkbox and Google have finally got together to assess the effectiveness of TV and online video – and how they can both support each other. New research (Binet and Field) commissioned by ThinkBox (commercial TV) and Google (YouTube)… Read more »

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ITV focus on Entertainment

Back in time under the stewardship of Sir Michael Grade, ITV made the monumental decision to move its flagship news programme News at Ten back to 11pm in an attempt to pull in more viewers between 9pm and 11pm and subsequently increase advertising revenues. This decision turned out to be a big mistake and rather… Read more »

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