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TMS12 - media buying and planning
media buying

Is media planning and buying a creative process?

Judge for yourself...

Clever media buying not only stretches advertising budgets but also directly impacts positively on each clients’ business.

We deliver this added value through a combination of exceptional contacts with media owners and our vast experience in delivering effective campaigns for clients of all sizes
- from national brands and retailers to fledgling advertisers.

By working with clients to understand their business model in detail, we are able to identify creative media buying opportunities that make a real difference:

  • More efficient airtime packages to drive distribution
  • Cost effective programme sponsorship
  • Topical campaigns triggered by events – or even climate!
  • Collaborative liaison with publishers
  • Full integration with digital platforms

These are just some examples of our expertise, tailored to specific client needs. That’s what you get when you work with people who don’t take multi-million pound budgets for granted.

An exciting prospect, isn’t it?

TMS12 - an innovative independent media agency specialising in launching and promoting your brand. We work across a diverse range of clients, industries and media, providing an integrated service approach from media planning and buying online and offline through
social media and direct
response channels to help
clients achieve growth.
media buying
TMS12 - media buying and planning
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TMS12 - media buying and planning
media buying
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media buying

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